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Shanghai Solvay Lubrication Technology Co., Ltd. is a lubricant brand under the Belgian Solvay Group, relying on the technology and brand advantages of the SOVAY Petrochemical Group to serve the Chinese market. Products include: automobile oil, diesel oil, gear oil, steering assist oil, automatic transmission oil, industrial oil, hydraulic oil, and coolant. ……

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SERVICEproduct center
Gasoline engine oil
Diesel Engine Oil
Gear Oil
Direction booster oil
Automatic transmission oil
Industrial oil
Hydraulic oil
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BRAND ADVANTAGEbrand advantage
SERVICE SUPPORTService support

1. Regularly arrange terminal users to conduct professional knowledge training according to the needs of agents every year, or according to the terminal needs of the agents, select personnel to come to the company for lubricant knowledge and sales training;

2. Humanized care for the terminal (driver, repairman);

3. Perfect logistics distribution system;

4. Diversified promotional activities: assist customers in product promotion activities, hold order fairs and knowledge lectures or hold "road shows";

5. Effectively select cooperative media support in the local area according to the specific situation;

6. According to the media propaganda request submitted by the client, the marketing department will make a budget to assist the client in the local news media propaganda;

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