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What is synthetic oil?


Ordinary lubricating oil is refined by crude oil processing. The main components are mixtures of various n-alkanes, isoalkanes and cycloalkanes. Synthetic engine oil is not produced by refining, but by chemical synthesis. Synthetic lubricating oil used for lubrication mainly includes poly alpha olefin oil, various esters, etc. Synthetic oil has better antioxidant stability, higher viscosity index and better low temperature lubricity than ordinary lubricating oil. Synthetic lubricants are widely used in high-grade internal combustion engine oils and industrial oils. Pure synthetic lubricants will be clearly marked on the product package.
Semi synthetic engine oil and fully synthetic engine oil are two categories of engine oil. The biggest difference between the two is that the total synthetic oil is used at a wider temperature and has a longer service life; For the same oil film requirements, synthetic oil can be achieved with a lower viscosity, while semi synthetic oil needs a higher viscosity than synthetic oil. In other words, in the same working environment, full synthetic oil with lower viscosity can achieve the purpose of engine protection. Similarly, in the same working environment, the service life of full synthetic oil is much longer than that of semi synthetic oil.
All oils are composed of base oils and additives. Generally speaking, fully synthetic oils are unconventional and high-performance liquids, while semi synthetic oils (also known as "blended oils") are usually made of a small number of unconventional and high-performance liquids mixed with conventional oils.
Compared with semi synthetic engine oil, fully synthetic engine oil has the following characteristics: 1; 2. Longer oil change cycle; 3. Suitable for worse conditions.
The most critical part of automobile maintenance is the selection of engine oil. Engine oil is known as the blood of the engine. It is its lubrication that ensures the normal operation of the engine. Therefore, the correct selection of engine oil plays a direct role in the service life of the engine. Because of this, many car owners are eager to use the most advanced fully synthetic oil for their cars, no matter whether it is suitable or not. In fact, the choice of oil only needs to be applicable. Too high grade oil is not only a waste of money, but also a multiplier effect. Therefore, today we have listed several situations in which fully synthetic engine oil must be used to help you have a deep understanding of the choice of engine oil.
The so-called oil film plays an anti-wear role in the smooth operation of the engine. It is usually so thin that it can only be calculated in microns. For example, when you are enjoying the pleasure of speed on the road, the crankshaft of an engine with a speed of 4 or 5000 revolutions can be said to float on a thin film of oil and rotate without any contact with other metal parts. Therefore, in view of the characteristics of turbocharged engine, it is necessary to use fully synthetic oil with higher standard performance and better performance. Fully synthetic oil with higher shear film can better protect the engine. Therefore, we do not recommend that turbine car owners use mineral oil.