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Will the oil affect the fuel consumption of the vehicle?


There is no percentage relationship between oil change and fuel consumption, because the biggest factor affecting fuel consumption depends on road conditions and driving habits. But like many things, oil is also honey of a, arsenic of B. If you add an oil that is not suitable for your brand, and you encounter many congestion road conditions, it will have a certain impact on the fuel consumption. So what should we do with different oils? Is the more expensive and advanced the oil is, the better? Let's have a look at it together.
We often say that synthetic oil is a high grade oil in oil, and the price is relatively high compared with the general oil market. In essence, it uses better ingredients in crude oil, which is to say, it will be purer. In contrast, the synthetic oil has a wider temperature and longer service life, and it is more suitable for the northern region.
As the name implies, semi synthetic oil is not so pure. It is a product after adding technology to purify mineral oil. It is mainly composed of mineral oil and synthetic oil mixed with 4:6 relationship. Therefore, viscosity is different from synthetic oil, and the applicable temperature is not so wide; If it is in the northern part, it is not suitable in winter, and it is cheaper than synthetic oil.
Although changing oil is not a big thing, but it makes many owners puzzled, where to change? When will I change it? Can't you change it? Normally, the maintenance of our vehicle is accompanied by the oil change every year. Therefore, it is recommended that many new car owners and friends, if they are just bought, it is recommended that they should maintain in the 4S store at least the first three years, and change the oil and other accessories. Although the price will be slightly higher, it will be more secure for the car. If the conditions permit, it is recommended that the first five years be maintained in the 4S store the best. If you want to save some money, you should also go to a regular maintenance organization to maintain.
As for the cycle of oil change, we suggest that you check the manual of your vehicle. According to the brand and model, the value and time of each vehicle are different. Usually, the car has to check and change the oil and oil filter according to the actual situation after 5km. Mineral oil is usually changed about 5000 km, which takes about half a year; The semi synthetic oil is 8000 km for 8 months; The total synthetic oil is about 10000 km / A.